Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day.... however you spell it!

TODAY. January 20, 2009 America welcomes it's FIRST African American president... MR. Barack Hussien Obama! WOOO!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty flippin excited.
but let me tell you about the rest of my day.....
so i was getting ready to go to work this morning and i had on dress pants and a tshirt (so i didn't get makeup on a nice shirt).. and i had this HUGE sparkly flower clip (like.. actually has petals like a flower.. 3D, if you will) in my bangs to hold them back so i could put my mascara on.... WELL.. there's a knock at the door.. so i go answer it.. it's this really cute guy from the electric company telling me something about branches and powerlines.. anyways.. he had a smirk on his face and i didn't realize it until i went back to my mirror.... i had that freakin flower clip in my bangs and i looked SOOOO rediculous!!! i was ashamed. haha
then my day got better b/c i went to the post office to pick up my package from Hong Kong.... 500 Swarovski crystal beads!!!!! to let you in on how exciting this is...... Swarovski is to crystal beads as MAC is to computers, or as iPhone is to cell phones... Swarovski reigns supreme! they are so gorgeous... can't wait to create beautiful things! and i got them for about 2 cents per piece instead of the normal about 12 cents per piece. and i got 25 different colors! woo!! i love ebay.
except i did buy like, 3 things from this one person on ebay and i have not recieved them yet and i see it shows their account has been suspended or something... ?? luckily i didn't spend too much. but if i dont get my beads soon i'll have to see if ebay will give me my money back! anyways..
then my day got worse b/c on my way to work on memorial, i hit a dog. it and another dog were chasing geese and decided to run RIGHT infront of my car.. like, i just barely had time to slow down a litttttle bit. i hit him pretty hard but he didn't fall over, just stumbled and kept chasing the geese across the other 3 lanes of traffic.. the other dog made it safely across all 4 lanes. and i could see them on the otherside of the street in my rearview mirror just chasing those geese.. so i guess he was okay. he didn't look bloody and he seemed to run fine.. but i hope he didn't drop dead later, or get hit when crossing the street on the way back... it made me very VERY sad though.. i have never hit a dog or a cat before.. only opposums, a baby killdeer infront of it's mom and siblings (HORRIBLE!), and i think a snake.. and a big dead dear carcuss.. that sucked! haha. anyways, i worried about it all day.
then work was just slow and boring.. nothing exciting happened... no cute guys. yeah...
oh... and the other day i passed the cute boy hugging on his girlfriend... ICK.
okay that's all i have for now.

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FHL_Always said...

I can just see you with the flower clip in your hair haha! I'm sure he just thought you were very cute, and youthful!