Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my stomach is in knots.....

my stomach hurts really bad...... first off: i have sinusitis and bronchitis so all the sinus drainage is making my stomach feel nauseous (lovely picture, right?).... and then second: i have a Z-pack for my meds and that hurts my tummy......... but my main reason would be the third: i'm really upset. Today was the funeral for one of my dad's close close friends... but my dad wasn't able to make it b/c he had to be down in Houston at MD Anderson for more scans..... i feel really bad that he wasn't able to make this.. i know it kills him... but it also kills me b/c it makes the reality of his illness overbearing... that he is sick enough to miss one of his best friend's funeral.... it makes me sick. and then there's reason number 4: he's down there getting scans to see how this round of chemo and radiation went... last time he had scans they showed cancer in 2 more places.... ... i wish with allll my heart that the scans could come back clear... or clearer... but i know that my heart is only set to break. Watching my dad fail in this battle of cancer has been the absolute hardest thing i've gone through.... if life get's any harder i'm not sure i can take it.
so this totally isn't a happy post but.... it's what i'm going through right now... and it hurts too much to hold it inside. oh, and i'm pms-ing too.... yay me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

SO... the other day on facebook i posted that i want snow and lots of it..... and i got a blizzard... and i didn't quite make it home from work.... it took me an hour and a half to get ALMOST home... i had to put on my flashers and stop 3 times to bang ice off my windshield wipers b/c they were so icy they wouldn't wipe ANYTHING off my windshield... like, i lit-er-ally could NOT see anything.. so anyways... then i get 2 miles from home... and go to turn on the street and kinda miss b/c the visibility was at like, 10%... ridiculousness... so i got my car stuck.. thought i was gonna have to walk home but my mom and brother came to get me... very slowly... hahha. we tried to push my car out but managed to get it a little further in of course..... ANYWAYS.... despite the craziness i am still LOVING this white Christmas! i really really really wanted a white Christmas for my dad.... very possibly his last Christmas.... but that's not a good thing to talk about... so anyways.....
i got some cool stuff! i got a lava lamp... a singing hamster that sings "i like to move it move it", 5 cds- Paramore "Brand New Eyes", Blindside "a Thought Crushed my Mind", Three Days Grace "one x", Copeland "in motion", and Saosin "In Search Of Solid Ground"... pretty excited about those!!! and i also got The Avesta (holy book for Zoroastrianism) so that will be an interesting read... and then super exciting... my brother got me, my mom, and my dad a Wii and a Wii fit... it told me i am obese. heh.... so anyways, that will be good! i did some hula hooping , stepping, and jogging... good times. i also raced cows. ;)

in other news.... i still hate Dillards... and now i hate them more b/c they didn't close the store even though the whole state of Oklahoma was under a state of emergency and tulsa facing a blizzard ... which i had to (not so successfully) drive through.... i'm supposed to work tomorrow but we'll see about that! psh.... retards. ;) so i'm planning on starting back to school in the summer. i'll have 3 semesters of pre-reqs b/c in my associates of liberal arts degree i pretty much have no science credits at allllll. wasn't planning on going that route. anyways... ... so i should probably apply sometime soon since i haven't done that yet.... such a slacker.

i'll have my credit card completely paid off within a week... this will be the first time it's had a zero balance in like... 4 years... THAT will be exciting. i'm super pumped!

anyways that's about all that's going on with me lately.... nothing too exciting... i'm gonna go listen to my new cds now..... peace out! hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day.....

So... it's the 4th of July.. Independence day.... i celebrated my independence by working..... yay... but hey, i got time and a half... so that's okay with me. Although i had to put up with really horrible patriotic songs today... especially religious/patriotic songs which REALLY annoy me.... ughhhhhh. anyways, then i went to church. then i headed home and stopped at Bueno on the way... totally not on my diet but i've been craving it... now i'm drinking a nice big glass of icey soy milk so i can make myself puke..... because i think bulemia sounds like a GREAT diet plan. i'm also listening to the Dixie Chicks... which could help my gag reflex...... COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!
HA.... anyways.... i've actually repeated that song like..... 10 times. i like singing it. does that lessen my cool factor? hmm... ;)
but anyways... i seriously HAVE to lose weight... UGH... i don't like fat guys... so that means i should lose some weight... b/c aparently fat people get paired with other fat people. that's what i've learned this past week. i didn't think i was THAT fat but... hey, that's great. now i have 100% more determination to be skinny. Which is why i plan on throwing up that Bueno i ate in a few minutes.
hmmm... ... what other random news do i have for you since my last blog... hmm.... well i have lost like, a couple more pounds. and now i've decided that for every 5 pounds i lose i can order a cd i want from half.com... i've lost about 20-22 pounds so far but i just started the cd thing so anyways.. the first one i ordered (like, 2 days ago.. so i don't have it yet) was Dustin Kensrue. i'm SOOOO excited for it!! he's the lead singer of Thrice but does kinda folky-whatever music on the side... he's pretty a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
i went to a wedding last night and got to see some friends i haven't seen in a long time so that was fun.....
there's this cute guy at work....... we won't go in to detail b/c i shouldn't even look at him until i starve off like, 90 pounds. b/c he's skinny... just like all the other guys i've liked. which apparently means i don't deserve them... or something. ... i'm gonna go throw up those nachos now......
i have 3 barbies i need to be making... i should get on that...
living alone on 2 and a half acres with a garden, 5 cats, and 2 dogs while also working full time wierd hours takes ALL your time.. and then some. no fun. The parentals are never allowed to leave me alone ever again. totally unfair.
My throat hurts.......
Don't waste your heart.... on a wild thing.. she's got a soul that won't settle on one thing. Whoa.. this bird can't sing when you've tied it's wings... don't waste your heart on me. (Dixie Chicks)
My hair is growing! i can't wait til it's super long! i think by this time next year it should be quite long! woo!! as long as no bad hair cuts come my way....
there's a new Project 86 cd and i should probably buy it... to add to my monopoly. but first i'm gonna buy the new Emery cd (my next 5 pounds) b/c Emery is freakin awesome. I've never not liked an Emery song. they are bomb. ... BOMB.
i also need the new House of Heroes and Fray cds... and without a Christian rock station in Tulsa and since i haven't been buying my magazines lately.. i somehow completely missed out on the latest releases from Underoath and mewithoutYou.... so those are also on my list.... along with many MANY others
umm... i still have only read the first chapter of Velvet Elvis.... i need to be disciplined.. really. i have lots of books i have bought and never read. shameful... really. ;)
i have a massive headache. i should probably turn off the Dixie Chicks..... okay... now we've got Thrice... SO much easier to listen to. ... and i just found a drill bit on my floor..... no where near my craft area... interesting.
there are wayyy too many fireworks going off around my house. my poor dog outside is probably about to have a heart attack. Poor little Abigail.
well anyways.... that's about all i have.
go blow something up.... i would but i'm alone so that might be dangerous... i could kill myself and no one would find me for days.... that would be bad.. actually.. since i'd be outside probably some raccoons and oppossums and other filthy creatures would find me and eat my dead decaying carcuss and then no one would ever know what happened and i'd be on one of those missing people's lists.... ;)
okay, bye!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hey look! a post!

I have neglected and abandoned my blog. I'm sorry little bloggie, i apologize.
Anyways... since it's like past 11 and i have to work early tomorrow i figure i might as well spend MORE time on the internet!!!! No self-control i tell ya.... none at all.

But at least i have read a book! LOL. i've had it for.... quite a few months. "The Shack". Very good book. Very sad. But i recommend it!
Now i am reading "Velvet Elvis" which i borrowed from my friend, Jeff, like... WELL over a year ago. I'm one chapter in. So Jeff! You should have your book back in like.. 2 weeks hopefully. :)

I also finally watched Dodgeball. HA. I watched it twice in 2 days. It's pretty amazing. I need my own copy. and Vince Vaughn is very nice looking. Something i never knew before. ;)

I have no guy interests right now.... I did have 2 slight ones but... eh. they got boring. ;) HA.

OH!!! New band loves!! I have always known OF Copeland but never allowed myself to listen to them enough to like them b/c this one creepy guy i used to know LOVED them so i didn't want to LOVE them too b/c that might make me creepy?? LOL! but i said goodbye to that mindset and started listening to them and they are very RAPPPPIDLY becoming a FAVE BAND EVER. Which means i LOVE them. And i don't feel creepy. :D
Ivoryline is also amazing... as is Remedy Drive and Needtobreathe. And Danger Radio. Of course these will never compare to the forever and always lovers of my soul Blindside, Emery, Anberlin, and The Juliana Theory. But they come close!

So... i got a very lovely raise at work a few weeks ago.... and today i had an email about Lancome mascara and it said "Dear Cosmetic Associate, .... OMGZ! like, this mascara is REDIC!" .. okay, no .. it really didn't say that but would that be AWESOME?!?!?!? but it DID say "Dear Cosmetic Associate..." which i find strange being that i work in Children's clothing. So i have a feeling i might be moving to cosmetics soon. I need to ask others if they got that email even if they aren't in cosmetics. I don't know if i would want to be in cosmetics. I mean.. i love make-up! but you have to wear a lot of it down there... and wear all black... and most of them don't seem very nice! I might be scared...... ;)

ANYWAYS... umm.... i'm trying to think about something else to type to waste my time AND yours. ... AHHHH! my mommy and daddy are going on vacation for 2 weeks and i'm gonna be so alone and afraid! I have serious paranoia issues. That robber took a lot more than money from the coffee shop. He took a portion of my joy.. which i have back now. But i don't have my sense of peace and safety anymore. Instead i have paranoia, anxiety, and fear. But we won't talk about that....

I'm about 8 pounds away from 25 pounds lost (so i've lost like, 17). Once i lose those next 8 i am going to put some blonde in my hair. not a lot.. just some peek-a-boos. :D. and then on to 50 pounds!! Then i want to buy an eliptical. I love elipticals!! they're fun! but expensive.. so we'll see.

I have hundreds of photos that i have not edited. I think my love for photography plummeted when my brother decided he should be a photographer too and bought a nice big fancy camera. Now my little digital camera pictures just look like crap to me. oh well... i'll find another talent. Like making obscene barbie dolls!!!

Okay.. i SERIOUSLY should be responsible and go to sleep now. Now i've wasted too much time and can't read another chapter in my book. Geez.... i have an internet addiction.

Monday, June 1, 2009


i haven't done a blog in forever. nor have i read anyone elses. so yeah....  and i don't have anything to blog about right now.  so this is merely an entry to recognize that i am not a very diligent blogger.  Maybe tomorrow i'll have something to say. ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Random picture post... b/c i feel like it.

Here's me with blonde and black hair! It was so cute except i didn't know about "blonde toning shampoo"... so as soon as my blonde went brassy i changed it.. darn. FeJee mermaid!!!!! haha.

aww....... except that top one kinda looks like a ferby... creeper.

tatooing a pig carcuss...?

baby hippo!!!!

the last two are owl tattoos b/c one of my fave bands, The Devil Wears Prada, has two guys in it that have really awesome owl tattoos.. couldn't find a good pic online .. i have one at my house though! their owls are awesome. here's some other good ones.. the first one is AMAZING!

OH EM GEE!!! they are so cute!

okay and that's all i have.... i've been sick for 3 days and really have nothing interesting to talk about.. except that i started my jewelry site.. but i already wrote about that on FB.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My boy is GONE! He is f*ing GONE. Like yesterday is GONE.
I don't know if he quit or got fired or what... i plan to find out hopefully. But i am SOOOOO... not... happy.
Now i could kick myself for never really talking to him. I mean, i'm sure he wouldn't have liked me but.. who knows.. maybe he would have.. if i would have not ignored him.
Someone punch me in the face next time you see me.
Sad, sad, SAD day.
Now i have nothing to look forward to at work. However, my anxiety might be slightly lower... but my depression will be higher. HA. damn.
anyways... i have one day off tomorrow and then work 9 days straight AGAIN... boo. 9 boring boyless days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My friend Stacy's Dad passed away.
I've known Stacy since 7th grade and i know all she had to go through with her dad's heatlh problems. It will be easier on her family now but i know they are still hurting. Please pray for Stacy and her sister Stephanie and their mom, Sherie.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i've always been paranoid about developing a mental illness...

In the past month or so i have finally like, 120% accepted the fact that i seriously need to be on anti-anxiety meds or anti-depressants... for over a year now i have not, for even a moment, felt at peace, half-way content, or even okay. I am constantly paranoid that something bad is going to happen. Or i think about sad/scarey things constantly and can't make my mind focus on anything else. I cry almost every day.. when i used to only cry one day out of the month (the heaviest PMS day).
So anyways... i need to ask my doctor about that SOON. Sometime's i feel like the world is just going to collapse in on me or explode and there's nothing i can do. I feel frantic a lot. And at night when i hear my furnace humming it sounds like fighter jets coming toward my house to bomb it. PARANOID.
But i don't want my doctor to send me to a therapist or something.. cause that's not what i want. at all. NO. and i dont' have insurance yet... oh well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was listening to my Flyleaf cd today... one of their songs, "Cassie", is about the girl that got shot in Columbine. The chorus says, "Do you believe in God? Written on a bullet? Say yes to pull the trigger. And Cassie pulled the trigger."...... i used to love that song so much b/c i knew that i would say yes in a fraction of a second.... but today... years later.. when i heard it i just felt awkward. My answer would now be no..... but i wish it was still yes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

insomnia-induced thoughts on life...

it's 1 something in the morning.. i've already tried to go to sleep but can't... so here i am... typing a blog.. and since it's the wee hours of the morning and i'm delirious it WILL be long...
SO.. i've been thinking a lot lately about IF ONLY...
IF ONLY i could go back in time and do things differently.. be a different person, a cooler person, a prettier person... a more accomplished person...
IF ONLY i had more money... i could go to this school, i could get this degree, i could buy this thing i simply can't live without...
IF ONLY i had this talent... had this look...
I've come to realize that i (and most Americans) are NEVER satisfied. with our belongings, our looks, our way of life... nothing. never. We worry about SO MUCH stuff, such vain useless junk...
We worry about which of our 30 or more pairs of shoes will look best with the outfit we are wearing... while someone else worries about how they will get another pair of shoes when their ONLY PAIR they have that they've worn for 3 years straight finally falls apart...
We get upset b/c we pay so much money to go to the doctor and get medicine for our common colds .. while someone else lies on a cot on a dirt floor under a tent, that's called a hospital, dying because they have no money to buy medicine... if it's even available to them.
We sit indecisively in fancy restaraunts deciding which over-priced meal to throw our money away on while people in other countries eat stuff we wouldn't touch. Like pumpkins. We may sugar them up and make pie out of them or cut them up during the holidays and stick a light inside them... what would people from other countries think of that?? People who rely on pumpkins to survive.. they eat them... they don't have ovens to make them tasty.. they just break them open and eat them. i would GAG. but they are considered lucky if they have some to grow. they are also considered lucky if they have a backbreaking or completely monotonous job that they do all day to make what would amount to pennies...
We stand in the hot shower for 10-30 minutes while some people have to walk 10 to 30 miles to get safe drinking water...
We envy others who have larger houses than ours.. while many have no house at all.
We get annoyed with our family members while millions are left orphaned because all their family members have died....
We pity ourselves and keep tally of what we DON'T have instead of looking at what we DO have.... we take SO MUCH for granted..
just something to think about...

Friday, February 6, 2009

lasdnaoerubgaidsfjldjflsdkjf lskadjf ??

i feel like, so BLAH today...
my back hurts SO bad.. last night i could hardly sleep i think b/c my back is so ... uncomfortable. i think i need my ribs popped back into place..
my hair is fixed. it's very short, texturized, thinned, and shaggy. a little too short in some areas but.. it'll grow! and i have ALMOST all my natural color now.. there is some areas with the icky faded blackness at the ends still... but its over-all appearance is lighter.
SO... so far we know that 2 girls from juniors and 3 (of my FAVORITES) from childrens are going to Mens in 2 weeks... and so far i am going nowhere. fun..... :( it makes me sad... like i'm not doing good enough to move yet.... aggrivating. oh well.. i guess they can't move us all. then they'd have no one. psh.....
OH!!! i have been fiding some great things at work.. like, lost and found things... there has been a single earring up there for awhile so i finally took it b/c obviously no one's gonna claim it.... it's really pretty.. i'm gonna make it into a pendant for a necklace... and then sell it. hahaha. and last night i found a package of Bubbalicious LIP BALMS! it had 2 each of Original Bubble gum flavor, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon. so since i found them i kept one of each and then let 2 of the other girls split the others. joy.. joyness... and then BEST of all..... today i found a red power ranger action figure!!!! my brother's birthday is in April so it is totally getting wrapped up for that.. haha. it made my day...
and i got some beads in the mail today... that is all the beads i am buying until i sell at least like... 3-400 bucks worth of stuff.. seriously... i'm a bead-buying-aholic. it's bad... i'm gonna make a website and sell stuff.. :) yay.
okay well... that's all i have today...
one more thing....
i have, twice now, seen THE CUTEST GUY EVER in the foodcourt on my lunch break... both times he was with his girlfriend.... *sigh..* oh well...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day.... however you spell it!

TODAY. January 20, 2009 America welcomes it's FIRST African American president... MR. Barack Hussien Obama! WOOO!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty flippin excited.
but let me tell you about the rest of my day.....
so i was getting ready to go to work this morning and i had on dress pants and a tshirt (so i didn't get makeup on a nice shirt).. and i had this HUGE sparkly flower clip (like.. actually has petals like a flower.. 3D, if you will) in my bangs to hold them back so i could put my mascara on.... WELL.. there's a knock at the door.. so i go answer it.. it's this really cute guy from the electric company telling me something about branches and powerlines.. anyways.. he had a smirk on his face and i didn't realize it until i went back to my mirror.... i had that freakin flower clip in my bangs and i looked SOOOO rediculous!!! i was ashamed. haha
then my day got better b/c i went to the post office to pick up my package from Hong Kong.... 500 Swarovski crystal beads!!!!! to let you in on how exciting this is...... Swarovski is to crystal beads as MAC is to computers, or as iPhone is to cell phones... Swarovski reigns supreme! they are so gorgeous... can't wait to create beautiful things! and i got them for about 2 cents per piece instead of the normal about 12 cents per piece. and i got 25 different colors! woo!! i love ebay.
except i did buy like, 3 things from this one person on ebay and i have not recieved them yet and i see it shows their account has been suspended or something... ?? luckily i didn't spend too much. but if i dont get my beads soon i'll have to see if ebay will give me my money back! anyways..
then my day got worse b/c on my way to work on memorial, i hit a dog. it and another dog were chasing geese and decided to run RIGHT infront of my car.. like, i just barely had time to slow down a litttttle bit. i hit him pretty hard but he didn't fall over, just stumbled and kept chasing the geese across the other 3 lanes of traffic.. the other dog made it safely across all 4 lanes. and i could see them on the otherside of the street in my rearview mirror just chasing those geese.. so i guess he was okay. he didn't look bloody and he seemed to run fine.. but i hope he didn't drop dead later, or get hit when crossing the street on the way back... it made me very VERY sad though.. i have never hit a dog or a cat before.. only opposums, a baby killdeer infront of it's mom and siblings (HORRIBLE!), and i think a snake.. and a big dead dear carcuss.. that sucked! haha. anyways, i worried about it all day.
then work was just slow and boring.. nothing exciting happened... no cute guys. yeah...
oh... and the other day i passed the cute boy hugging on his girlfriend... ICK.
okay that's all i have for now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

sad day...

cute boy #2 that got promoted to cute boy #1...? i found out today that he is married! i should do a better job at checking their hands before i like them... damn.
so cute boy #1 that got demoted to cute boy #2, has now defaulted back to cute boy #1.. although he doesn't really need a # since he's the only one now.. so.. cute boy. singular.
that's sad.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i totally just wrote this post and deleted it.. so now i get to re-write it...

OMG... technology never fails to amaze me.... i clicked one wrong button and ... gone! the whole freakin post...
anyways... so.. i started off by lamenting that everybody else has serious things to post about and i don't.. my posts are always random and vain.. and really have no importance or value... but i like to randomly type and today is one of those days.. when i just feel like typing.. b/c i'm bored..
so... okay one unseriously serious thing: today would have been my sister's 20th or 21st birthday.... her name was Tauser.. and although she was a different color and a different species, and spoke a different tongue.. and had no opposable thumbs.. she was still the best sister EVER and i miss her terribly... there will NEVER be another yellow labrador as smart and beautiful and companionable (is that a word?) as Tauser! she was the best.
so.. WORK- oh. my. effing. goodness. January in retail is like, please shoot me if i straighten that rack one more time. Seriously.. it's so slow.. we just walk around and straighten stuff all day.. ughhh... but anyways. they are saying we need to think about where we want to get moved to b/c they want most of us out of children's sometime in february so they can train more people.. why hire more people during the slowest time of year when you already have an abudance of employees and are facing a recession??? i don't know.. but children's is like.. the sacred training ground.. so we're getting booted out. and i only kind of have an idea where i want to work.. let's make a list....
*juniors.. not so much.. plus i think it is trainging also
*womens- NO! a.) manager is a witchy bitch and b.) the other women that work there are like venomous snakes all slithering around trying to get the same prey!
*cosmetics or fragrance- hello highschool! all over again, D-R-A-M-A.. and the girls put the HOR in horendous... i know.. whore.. but you get what i mean!
*jewelry... indifferent.. not so much though...
*accessories... no.. it's always cluttery and unkempt looking...
*men's... yeah! so long as it's not in the same department as that guy that always says hi to me.... eh.. no. but i like men's clothes! especially dress clothes.. and the manager is super nice and funny, i like her a lot!
*shoes... commission? no thanks! and the manager? oh my god.. NIGHTMARE!
*VISUAL... my first choice! walking around dressing mannequins and making displays.. sometimes like manual labor but much better than any selling position! i don't know if it has any special requirements though.. i'll have to ask..
so yeah... that's that... okay and one more thing with work.. there is now a cute boy #2! cute boy #1 is still cute but... a.) he smokes... b.) he apparently has a girlfriend... c.) he seems really up-tight and dorky.. d.) he doesn't really talk to me.. not that i talk to him but.. you know, he appears uninterested for the most part..... so .. cute boy #2... is cuter than cute boy #1, seems much cooler, and has talked to me more in like, only 2 occasions than cute boy #1 has ever talked to me in all the millions of times i've seen him. so, therefore, cute boy #2 has now been promoted to the status of cute boy #1 and cute boy #1 has been demoted to cute boy #2... confused much?? let me tell you about cute boy #3! haha.. j/k.
i smashed my thumb with a hammer the other day... it hurts ... but it's not swollen or bruised.. it sent shocks down to my elbow when i first hit it.. i hope it will be okay.. hopefully i didn't do anything to it...
i am re-doing my room... it is a much larger and more expensive project than i first estimated... my checkbook isn't happy. neither is my credit card and it declined today! i don't know why.. my balance shows that i still have 50 bucks until my limit.. if i check it tomorrow and someone has freakin stolen my identity i will straight up piss my pants.. no joke! i can't even pay for MY OWN expenditures.. much less some strangers.. and no, i don't have payment protection b/c they were charging me freakish amounts for that and i cancelled it.
anyways.. my room is gonna look beautiful when i'm all done! it's gonna be red, black, and white with a chinesey flair! heung chao! (i probably just cussed in chinese.. who knows!)
i've lost about 20 pounds since i've been working at Dillards.. just from the walking alone.. i haven't changed any eating habits really.. so once i start doing that i should drop the weight even faster.. which will be great.. i need to lose at least 80 to 90 pounds more... then i'll be super hott and maybe i'll actually have a boyfriend! hahaha... yeah... sad.
anyways.. i think that's all i have to talk about right now... hopefully i won't delete my post this time...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kelsy told me i should update...

Everyone is doing blogs about 2008 ....
So this year was umm... yeah.. not the best. I got robbed, had to quit the job i really liked, had/still have paranoia and anxiety problems, had 2 aunts die, and went through like, 6 months of hell at a job i hated... reached the fattest point i've ever been.. .. also all this year i was... not in college. SUCK. so anyways.. now it's 2009. I have a safe job that doesn't suck TOO bad.. still have mental issues but that's okay... and i don't have any family members in jeopardy of dying but.. that doesn't always mean anything... ANYWAYS...
so for 2009 i plan on hopefully choosing something to major in... of course spring semesters are already starting so i'll have to look forward to going somewhere for the Fall Semester. or so i hope.. i did want to go to Ukraine but that's looking like it's NOT going to be a possibility at this time.. which SUCKS. 4th time that door has closed in my face. REALLY. anyways... yeah.
so i guess i have 3 new year resolutions... kinda.. 1.) find something to go back to school for... 2.) i seriously need to read my bible and pray.... it's like calling someone your best friend that you were friends with years ago but you have only been like, aquaintances for the last 3 years... acquaintances... ? i can't spell. anyways.. yeah. and then 3.) to lose like, 10 thousand pounds!! i've lost about 15 since working at Dillards.. b/c i have to walk allll day long pretty much. and then now i have started doing some excercises in the morning.. and then i am also going to try and start changing little things in my diet.... little things are best.. you can hold on to them easier!
so yeah.. that's basically my life at the moment...
i'm listening to David Cook right now... :)
"you teach me to rise up.. to open my eyes up... all these heroes come and go.. but you're still standing"... i don't think he meant for that to have any spiritual meaning but... i like it!
okay, thanks for reading...