Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day.....

So... it's the 4th of July.. Independence day.... i celebrated my independence by working..... yay... but hey, i got time and a half... so that's okay with me. Although i had to put up with really horrible patriotic songs today... especially religious/patriotic songs which REALLY annoy me.... ughhhhhh. anyways, then i went to church. then i headed home and stopped at Bueno on the way... totally not on my diet but i've been craving it... now i'm drinking a nice big glass of icey soy milk so i can make myself puke..... because i think bulemia sounds like a GREAT diet plan. i'm also listening to the Dixie Chicks... which could help my gag reflex...... COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!
HA.... anyways.... i've actually repeated that song like..... 10 times. i like singing it. does that lessen my cool factor? hmm... ;)
but anyways... i seriously HAVE to lose weight... UGH... i don't like fat guys... so that means i should lose some weight... b/c aparently fat people get paired with other fat people. that's what i've learned this past week. i didn't think i was THAT fat but... hey, that's great. now i have 100% more determination to be skinny. Which is why i plan on throwing up that Bueno i ate in a few minutes.
hmmm... ... what other random news do i have for you since my last blog... hmm.... well i have lost like, a couple more pounds. and now i've decided that for every 5 pounds i lose i can order a cd i want from i've lost about 20-22 pounds so far but i just started the cd thing so anyways.. the first one i ordered (like, 2 days ago.. so i don't have it yet) was Dustin Kensrue. i'm SOOOO excited for it!! he's the lead singer of Thrice but does kinda folky-whatever music on the side... he's pretty a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
i went to a wedding last night and got to see some friends i haven't seen in a long time so that was fun.....
there's this cute guy at work....... we won't go in to detail b/c i shouldn't even look at him until i starve off like, 90 pounds. b/c he's skinny... just like all the other guys i've liked. which apparently means i don't deserve them... or something. ... i'm gonna go throw up those nachos now......
i have 3 barbies i need to be making... i should get on that...
living alone on 2 and a half acres with a garden, 5 cats, and 2 dogs while also working full time wierd hours takes ALL your time.. and then some. no fun. The parentals are never allowed to leave me alone ever again. totally unfair.
My throat hurts.......
Don't waste your heart.... on a wild thing.. she's got a soul that won't settle on one thing. Whoa.. this bird can't sing when you've tied it's wings... don't waste your heart on me. (Dixie Chicks)
My hair is growing! i can't wait til it's super long! i think by this time next year it should be quite long! woo!! as long as no bad hair cuts come my way....
there's a new Project 86 cd and i should probably buy it... to add to my monopoly. but first i'm gonna buy the new Emery cd (my next 5 pounds) b/c Emery is freakin awesome. I've never not liked an Emery song. they are bomb. ... BOMB.
i also need the new House of Heroes and Fray cds... and without a Christian rock station in Tulsa and since i haven't been buying my magazines lately.. i somehow completely missed out on the latest releases from Underoath and mewithoutYou.... so those are also on my list.... along with many MANY others
umm... i still have only read the first chapter of Velvet Elvis.... i need to be disciplined.. really. i have lots of books i have bought and never read. shameful... really. ;)
i have a massive headache. i should probably turn off the Dixie Chicks..... okay... now we've got Thrice... SO much easier to listen to. ... and i just found a drill bit on my floor..... no where near my craft area... interesting.
there are wayyy too many fireworks going off around my house. my poor dog outside is probably about to have a heart attack. Poor little Abigail.
well anyways.... that's about all i have.
go blow something up.... i would but i'm alone so that might be dangerous... i could kill myself and no one would find me for days.... that would be bad.. actually.. since i'd be outside probably some raccoons and oppossums and other filthy creatures would find me and eat my dead decaying carcuss and then no one would ever know what happened and i'd be on one of those missing people's lists.... ;)
okay, bye!