Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My boy is GONE! He is f*ing GONE. Like yesterday is GONE.
I don't know if he quit or got fired or what... i plan to find out hopefully. But i am SOOOOO... not... happy.
Now i could kick myself for never really talking to him. I mean, i'm sure he wouldn't have liked me but.. who knows.. maybe he would have.. if i would have not ignored him.
Someone punch me in the face next time you see me.
Sad, sad, SAD day.
Now i have nothing to look forward to at work. However, my anxiety might be slightly lower... but my depression will be higher. HA. damn.
anyways... i have one day off tomorrow and then work 9 days straight AGAIN... boo. 9 boring boyless days.


luke said...

got his name? find him on facebook to ask for the story!

quick! before too much time goes by and it's akward!

Naida Lee said...

sadly i only know his first name... and i'm sure there's thousands of Adam's on facebook! haha