Friday, September 19, 2008


SO.. i have a blog now. :)

a blogspot blog that is..

b/c xanga is dead.

who has blogspot???

i'm gonna have to find out.

i know kelsy does.

yay blogs! i love blogs. b/c i like to type really long random randomnesses that sometimes have to do with something and sometimes don't.. i just like to type... my goal is to have carpel tunnel by the time i'm 33 and a half. :)

i've bought 4 magazines in the past... 5 days? VOGUE, ELLE (Accessories issue..).. AP (Underoath was on the cover...) and HM (Underoath was on the cover...)

Underoath is fronted by Spencer Chamberlain. Spencer Chamberlain has long brown hair, screams, and um... has a cute face!
aww... i like Spencer Chamberlain. ;)
so yeah... that's about all i have for now...

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FHL_Always said...

Hey! I like your blog! I seriously did leave a comment before this one :) O well. Have a great day!!