Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hey look! a post!

I have neglected and abandoned my blog. I'm sorry little bloggie, i apologize.
Anyways... since it's like past 11 and i have to work early tomorrow i figure i might as well spend MORE time on the internet!!!! No self-control i tell ya.... none at all.

But at least i have read a book! LOL. i've had it for.... quite a few months. "The Shack". Very good book. Very sad. But i recommend it!
Now i am reading "Velvet Elvis" which i borrowed from my friend, Jeff, like... WELL over a year ago. I'm one chapter in. So Jeff! You should have your book back in like.. 2 weeks hopefully. :)

I also finally watched Dodgeball. HA. I watched it twice in 2 days. It's pretty amazing. I need my own copy. and Vince Vaughn is very nice looking. Something i never knew before. ;)

I have no guy interests right now.... I did have 2 slight ones but... eh. they got boring. ;) HA.

OH!!! New band loves!! I have always known OF Copeland but never allowed myself to listen to them enough to like them b/c this one creepy guy i used to know LOVED them so i didn't want to LOVE them too b/c that might make me creepy?? LOL! but i said goodbye to that mindset and started listening to them and they are very RAPPPPIDLY becoming a FAVE BAND EVER. Which means i LOVE them. And i don't feel creepy. :D
Ivoryline is also amazing... as is Remedy Drive and Needtobreathe. And Danger Radio. Of course these will never compare to the forever and always lovers of my soul Blindside, Emery, Anberlin, and The Juliana Theory. But they come close!

So... i got a very lovely raise at work a few weeks ago.... and today i had an email about Lancome mascara and it said "Dear Cosmetic Associate, .... OMGZ! like, this mascara is REDIC!" .. okay, no .. it really didn't say that but would that be AWESOME?!?!?!? but it DID say "Dear Cosmetic Associate..." which i find strange being that i work in Children's clothing. So i have a feeling i might be moving to cosmetics soon. I need to ask others if they got that email even if they aren't in cosmetics. I don't know if i would want to be in cosmetics. I mean.. i love make-up! but you have to wear a lot of it down there... and wear all black... and most of them don't seem very nice! I might be scared...... ;)

ANYWAYS... umm.... i'm trying to think about something else to type to waste my time AND yours. ... AHHHH! my mommy and daddy are going on vacation for 2 weeks and i'm gonna be so alone and afraid! I have serious paranoia issues. That robber took a lot more than money from the coffee shop. He took a portion of my joy.. which i have back now. But i don't have my sense of peace and safety anymore. Instead i have paranoia, anxiety, and fear. But we won't talk about that....

I'm about 8 pounds away from 25 pounds lost (so i've lost like, 17). Once i lose those next 8 i am going to put some blonde in my hair. not a lot.. just some peek-a-boos. :D. and then on to 50 pounds!! Then i want to buy an eliptical. I love elipticals!! they're fun! but expensive.. so we'll see.

I have hundreds of photos that i have not edited. I think my love for photography plummeted when my brother decided he should be a photographer too and bought a nice big fancy camera. Now my little digital camera pictures just look like crap to me. oh well... i'll find another talent. Like making obscene barbie dolls!!!

Okay.. i SERIOUSLY should be responsible and go to sleep now. Now i've wasted too much time and can't read another chapter in my book. Geez.... i have an internet addiction.


Electroluminescence. said...

i didn't know that you had a blog! [well besides xanga... where no one lives anymore!!]

YES. David Cook was phenomenal. it was funnn indeed.

anddd maybe Chadd looks like Tub-o because he is Tub-o's [Isaac] older brother! hahahahhhaahhaha!!!!!
check his site out!

Kristi said...

Look at the photographs that are old classics, and remember they were taken with simple cameras before digital even existed. You are awesome at it and I hate to see you throw it aside because your brother stole your thunder. However, I completely understand how you feel. Siblings!!!!!

Naida Lee said...

okay so apparently more people than just me got the cosmetic email... darn. i kinda somewhat secretely wanted to switch departments.